MOSIDEO Experiments in Van Mijenfjorden

Field experiments have ended.

Oil-in-ice experiments are performed under RCN PETROMAKS2 project MOSIDEO in Van Mijenfjorden, Svalbard. Experiments take place on landfast sea ice near the Sveagruva coal mine from the middle of March through the middle of April, 2016.

Periodic site visits will track the enlargement of the pore space of sea ice during the warming period and associated upward-movement of oil. Results will help detect and remediate oil spills in ice-covered waters. All oil-containing ice will be removed from the field to be analyzed by microtomography.

This is project RIS-ID 10399 performed under permit of the Governor of Svalbard from 2 Dec 2015.

MOSIDEO field site at Svea, 2016
MOSIDEO Field Site at Svea
MOSIDEO PhD student Martina Lan Salomon coring, photo by Chris Petrich
MOSIDEO Ph.D. student Martina Lan Salomon coring sea ice. Photo: Chris Petrich


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Temperature chart,
MOSIDEO 2016 Field Site, Svalbard
18 Apr 2016Norut Narvik
Site camera. Time stamp is UTC+1. See also photo archive and timelapse.

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