MOSIDEO/CIRFA Oil-in-Ice Experiments

Two projects join forces to investigate the microscopic behavior of oil in sea ice and the detection of oil as it approaches the surface during melt. Participants from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) PETROMAKS2 project MOSIDEO and from SFI CIRFA will perform experiments at the HSVA Arctic Environmental Test Basin (AETB) from 14 Mar through 4 Apr 2017.


Temperature measurements are available as Excel 2007 spreadsheet MOSIDEO_CIRFA_HSVA_2017_consolidated_data.xlsx and as Python/numpy file (npy).

Recent measurements (04 Apr 2017, 07:05 CET):

  • Battery Voltage: 12.1 V
  • Logger Temperature: 9.8 °C

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26 Mar 2017
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Sensor temperatures, Probe 1. (interactive figure, png, pdf)
Overview of sensor temperatures
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Overview of sensor temperatures
Sensor temperatures. (interactive figure, png, pdf)


04 Apr 2017Norut Narvik

Camera 15

Image time stamp is UTC+1 (CET).

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